How it all got started

It all started with a Facebook meme about the 100 Books You Should Read.  Of that 100 I had read about 20 and half of those were Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Hitchhiker’s Guide books.  Pretty sad when you think about it.  I got started tackling the books on that list when I realized it was really not 100 books you should read.  Don’t get me wrong I love the Harry Potter books but are they a literary must read?  Not really.  And Mitch Albom was on it.  Must read?  Really?  Why?  I have a personal distaste for emotionally manipulative books which is why I don’t read Nicholas Sparks.  The list also has The Complete Works of Shakespeare listed separately from Hamlet.

So off I went looking for a better list when I came across this website which is great for sorting by author, year published, title, etc but not really good for tracking.  A little more Googling and I found this spreadsheet which is a much easier to use for tracking.   This list is from the book 1001 Books You Should Read Before You Die published in 2006.  Amazon has the newest edition for pre-sale now.

By the time I had checked all the books I had read it totaled 27.  That is not a lot of books, it is about 2% of the list.  Two percent is fine for milk but not so fine for reading.  So I set a goal of reading 25 books from the list this year which averages out to 2ish books a month.  So far for January and February I am averaging about 7 books per month.  Of course most of those books are audiobooks but they still count.

Will I read every book on the list?  No.  I have no interest in reading A Clockwork Orange.  I tried to reading many, many years ago and it was just too much work constantly have to look at the glossary then go back to reading, so that book is off the list for me.  I have also had enough people tell me that The Poisonwood Bible was not worth reading that I’ll probably be passing on that one as well.

I look forward to making regular updates.


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