The Best Spreadsheet EVER!

The fine folks at Arukiyomi have v4 of their most useful spreadsheet.  I have the lite version right now and it is wonderful.  I love that I can sort by author, this has made it so much easier to keep up with who wrote what.  Particularly since I have this OCD-like tendency to read all the books by one author before moving on to the next.  This spreadsheet is so much fun to use I have to limit myself to playing around with it during my lunch break.


One Response

  1. hey, thanks for not just a link but a whole post on the spreadsheet. Much appreciated!

    You must have been one of the few lucky ones who grabbed it early because sorting on the Lite version is no longer available.

    Actually, I think, the only reason you think the Lite version is the best EVER, is because you haven’t got the Full version yet… 😉

    once you treat yourself to the Full version, it won’t just be your lunch break that suffers, believe me!

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