A Little Lite Summer Reading

This past weekend while setting up the book table at our yard sale I found the book The Name of the Rose in amongst my mother’s collection of Nora Roberts and Catherine Coulter.   My first thought was “hey, that book is on my list!”   My second thought was “now I know what I’m reading this summer”.   It is probably going to take me all summer to get through this book, it did take me almost 2 years to read all 3 LOTR.  Plus it’s a thick book with small print.

While googling for an image of the edition I’m reading I came across this blog post at Going Against The Current.  

“4. The Name of the Rose (Umberto Eco) I got intrigued in this book when the story was hinted by my professor in her Comparative Literature class. I thought I’ll try it and see if I am a good-enough reader to survive the dead-boring first 100 pages, which according to my professor is a method employed by Eco to sort his readers. Those who give up in the initial pages are not worthy of the riveting, fascinating, ingenious, and dazzling narrative. Page 101 until the last sentence of the final page, she said were written so well that the hurdle of the first 100 was all worth the effort.”

The first 100 pages are dead boring which is why I quit reading.  I’m one of those readers that you have to catch my attention in the first or second chapter or the likelihood of my finishing the book drop to around zero.   I’m onto you this time Umberto, you can’t weed me out again.

Now I just have to remember to go get the book out of the garage…


One Response

  1. hahaha, if it’s a consolation, it took me more than a month to finish the book.

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