My Kindle, Just A New Way To Hoard Books

I am amazed that that tiny thing holds 3500 books.  I could download all 1001 Books You Should Read and still have room for 2499 MORE books.  Too bad they are not all available in Kindle format.   The Kindle is probably the best thing to ever happen to someone with a book hoarding problem.

In the past I have had a problem with hoarding books.  Each and every book I bought was my Precious.  I didn’t give them away and I certainly didn’t lend them out if I could help it because I couldn’t bear the thought that some reprobate friend of mine might dogear a page instead of using a bookmark.  As a result when we moved into our home my books required about 20 boxes to get them here.  I’m not sure when or how it happened but one day I realized I didn’t need to keep them all.  There really was no point in holding onto 99% of those books since I was never going to read them again. 

I started with recycling books that were out of date.  No one really wants or needs a copy of Frommer’s Ireland 1994 so out it went right along with Europe on $70 A Day.  I couldn’t believe I had committed the single most blasphemous thing I could think of: I threw away a book!  Surely there is a special place in hell waiting for me right now. 

Next to get culled were the mass market paperbacks.  Those went back into boxed and out to the garage until I had a garage sale.  At the end of the garage sale a nice man offered me $10 for everything remaining on the table and they went home with him.  It was such an amazing sense of liberation to let those books go.  Now I try to keep books moving.  Once I’m done if I can find someone who is interested I will pass it on, if not I put it in the community book pile at work.  Eventually every book goes home with someone.

I am now more selective about the non-Kindle books I buy.   Any new, or at least new to me, books that come into my  home are books that are destined to become part of my permanent library.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with all those old college text books…


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