Cleaning House and a Little Remodeling

Not my actual house mind you, but my blog house.  Turns out I suck at keeping up with this blog.  So this year I’m going to try something a little different.  Instead of just taking about books I’m going to expand into food, knitting, maybe some gardening, my general cheapness…you know everyday stuff.  I will try to limit how much I talk about my dog and his boy because who really wants to listen to me go on and on about those two.  Believe me I could go on…for hours.

One of the greatest things to happen to books since the Kindle is library lending for the Kindle!  Love it!  Too bad every book, and I mean every book, available from my local library system has a waiting list.  Even the 5 million Star Wars books have a waiting list!  Who reads those?

Speaking of reading.  My number of books read is going to drop off dramatically in 2012.  See my job changed late in the year and now I don’t have the time to listen to audiobooks anymore.  Now all my reading will be limited to my time on the train.  I’m hoping to read 15 to 20 books, which is about one book every three weeks.  Good thing I finished all five books in the Songs of Ice and Fire series.  Now I have at least another 5 years to get all my other TBR books read before the sixth book comes out.  If you have read these books and thought about what the food would taste like check out Inn at the Crossroads it is fascinating.  A friend turned me onto this blog after I had read the first 4 books, but let me tell you what, while reading A Dance With Dragons I paid a lot more attention to the food and thoughts of how it would taste.

Happy 2012 and I plan to be updating regularly from here on out.




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