I grabbed this as a Kindle Deal of the Day thinking “what have I got to loose.” Well…roughly about a week. 

First let me start with an anthropology wank.  Charles Darwin did not coin the phrase “survival of the fittest”, that would have been Herbert Spencer.  So really they should have called them the Spencer / Spencerian Games and not the Darwin Games.  /wank

In the future the country is divided into six cities and people who cause trouble are dealt with by being forced to compete in the Darwin Games. Not only do they have to survive other contestants they also have to survive zombie hoarders. A little bit Running Man (the movie), a smidge The Hunger Games, a pinch of The Walking Dead, and there you go Z2134.

Overall this was okay, not great but not horrible either. The characters were a bit flat and I really didn’t feel much connection to any of them. Sadly the name Anastasia will forever carry the taint of having been in 50 Shades of Grey. Thanks EL James, I used to really like that name.

I got through this book in about a week, which is pretty good considering I only read on the train or in the car while the hubs drives home.  I don’t feel like I wasted the time, but I propably won’t be making an effort to get the rest of the episodes.  I just don’t care how it ends.  I might however, sample some of the authors other works.


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